5 Ways to change your Mindset


So…it’s Sunday night. We all know this feeling well. You’ve had a wonderful weekend basking in free time and things you love to do, with exactly 0 minutes spent thinking about work. And then it starts getting dark, you’re getting ready for bed…and you realize it’s Sunday night. That feeling in the pit of your stomach comes back, telling you you’d rather actually be sick than go into work Monday morning. Or do ANYTHING else. Amiright? UGH.

Rest assured. There are some simple exercises to walk through each morning to remind yourself WHY you do what you do, and refresh your brain and mindset:

  1. Set aside some time every morning for YOU.

Every morning, I challenge you to NOT reach for your iphone and immediately scroll Instagram, email, facebook, snapchat, twitter, etc. Instead, spend the first few minutes you’re awake thinking about what you want out of the day…what are your goals? They can be really small and simple – like, you want to try and keep a positive mindset all day. Or, you vow to spend 30 minutes walking at lunch (get outside! Breathe that fresh, winter air!)

Then, spend another few minutes doing something for YOU. What do you love to do? Go on a walk or run. Listen to your favorite podcast (while walking/stretching/having your coffee). Pop in a yoga DVD if you’ve got time. Drink coffee and watch the news.

For me, I drink a cup of coffee while still in bed (pure bliss. you can almost trick your body into thinking it’s SATURDAY by doing this.) Then, i’ll throw on some workout clothes and go for a jog, or get some Kayla Itsines HIIT training in before getting to work. By the time the rest of the world is waking up, I feel relaxed and accomplished, having spent the early morning hours enjoying what I love! Give it a shot!

  1. Remember WHY you do what you do.

Maybe you went to college or grad school to obtain a degree in what you do now. Maybe it was luck of the draw getting a job in the field, getting experience, and building on that to push to a more advanced position. …what made you want to get into this career path? Why this job? Chances are, there was something that drew you to this career path…something that excited you and made you want to learn. Refocus that energy, and get back to your why. FIND YOUR INNER NERD AND GO FORTH, young grasshopper.

  1. Remember WHY you were once excited about your job.

Think back to the moment you applied for your job – What made you want to apply? How did you feel when you found out you GOT THE JOB? What were you most excited about? Unless your actual job or position has changed since then, guess what? You still get to do THAT job you wanted so badly – the one you could not stop smiling about when you got it. So take a deep breath, recharge, and get back to it!

  1. Focus on the little things

Many people are caught up these days in the idea of being happy, and finding happiness. But what does that mean to you? What does it mean to be happy? Is it winning the lottery? Getting to quit your job? Living in pure uninterrupted bliss every moment of every day, in size 2 jeans? One thing that is important to remember, is that if we are living our lives constantly chasing this idea of achieving happiness by doing this or achieving that, we are going to wish our lives away, and wake up at 60 wishing we would have soaked it all in so much more!

So here is my challenge to you: change your mindset about happiness. Each day holds SO MANY individual moments to find happiness in the smallest ways. Stop and treat yourself to a coffee. Meet an old friend for lunch. Call your mother. Take that yoga class you’ve been thinking of trying for the last 6 months. Or make a fun romantic dinner for your significant other (or your cat) after work. Plan an inexpensive weekend getaway, or staycation, exploring where you live!

  1. Be a “glass half full” person

Lastly, take a few extra moments during the day to appreciate what you have, and what you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised how much your mindset will change. For example, take a minute during your work day to be proud of yourself for what you have achieved! Look at you sitting there…being a respectable adult! That’s something to be proud of. As we get comfortable in our jobs and environments, we start to take what we do every day for granted, and stop thinking about the tasks and assignments as difficult or respectable. Challenge that! Remind yourself how awesome you are, and how much you do have. That shirt you’re wearing? Killer. The idea you just submitted to your boss? ON POINT. They are lucky to have you there! And you need to remember that!

Hopefully these tips work for you – let me know how it goes!

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