COVID-19 Waivers: How to do Business through the Pandemic

Looking back on the crazy year that was 2020…I don’t think it went according to plan for anyone. Retreats cancelled, weddings postponed, Events moved to Zoom or via other virtual platforms. Everywhere we look, people have been rapidly shifting, adjusting plans, and accommodating new COVID restrictions and safety measures, while trying to continue some sense of normal life or business plan.  

If you have any piece of your business that includes in-person services, whether it be an event, retreat, employing individuals who come into a physical office, providing photography services, or hosting any other type of get together, there is one new piece of legal content that is VITAL to your 2020 and 2021 success: The COVID WAIVER.

What is a COVID Waiver?

A COVID waiver is extremely necessary for any in-person event, and MUST be signed by all parties PRIOR to beginning any travel or physically coming into the event, or coming into contact with you in any way. The waiver itself outlines several key components:

–          Your guest confirms they understand the risks of traveling and attending the event

–          They understand they could be exposed to or contract COVID

–          They understand the event is not mandatory, and they are voluntarily electing to attend

–          They understand if they DO get COVID, it is not you or your business’s responsibility – you do not owe any kind of medical fees, damages, financial loss, or any other form of damages at all.

Essentially, the COVID waiver is helping you make sure your clients and / or guests of your event do not try to hold you responsible, should the contract COVID after deciding to attend your event.

When do I Need one?

Can I just make one myself? I see some free samples online…

In this scenario…you get what you pay for.

Yes, you could probably find one online and copy/paste into something that you could use. Would it apply to your business? Maybe. Would it cover you completely? Hard to say. It would really depend on what you’re doing, and what you found online. PLUS – when copying documents online, as with any sort of intellectual property copied online (photos, blog posts, etc.) you run a HUGE risk of copyright infringement, as you likely do not have permission to use the template in the first place. 

My suggestion? 

Email me at christy@christywesterfeld with questions, and I can get you set up with a COVID-19 waiver today! 

*Disclaimer: While I am a licensed attorney, I am not your attorney, and this does not constitute legal advice. This blog post is intended as legal information only, which may or may not be applicable to your personal situation. Please consult an attorney if you need legal advice on any of the above, or have any specific questions regarding your business

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