I Just Got My First Client!!!!!!! …Now What??

If you are a coach or consultant, the moment you sign your first client is AMAZINGLY exciting!!! So many emotions…validation that your business is legit, excitement to get to dive in and help another person, maybe a little bit of fear, but an overwhelmingly awesome moment!

So you’re on the discovery call, and you hear those words…that this woman wants to work with you, and can’t wait to get started!! You get off the phone with her and prepare to send her everything she needs to get started!

…except you’re not quite sure what that is! S*&#! Do you need to send her a contract? An Invoice? What if she asks for a payment plan? Where is she located? Is there anything else you’re forgetting???

This is where I come in! (Or, hopefully a little before this moment, so you have everything squared away and ready to go by the time you are ready to take on your first client)

As soon as you get the “YES” from your client, some of the most important things to consider:

Decide the terms/parameters of the coaching program, and discuss with her before signing the agreement.

The last thing you want is for your new client to sign on and pay you, only to find she was confused about the program, and is now not satisfied or less excited about working with you. Once this is decided, make sure to completely fill out the “Program Outline” paragraph of your Client Agreement, as well as the Program Outline addendum before sending anything to your client.  (Need one of these?? Got you covered HERE!

Determine how she would like to issue payment, and complete the PAYMENT PLAN addendum to the Client Agreement, if she needs (and if you allow) a payment plan.

This addendum is extremely detailed, and will confirm how much is being paid by your client each month, which date payment is due, and what happens if payment cannot be completed, to ensure you are protected before this happens.

Complete the rest of the Client Agreement based upon the details of the program, and what you are offering to this client. (Follow my Step-by-Step instructions that come with the Client Agreement when purchased!)

This will ensure your content is protected, your business is protected, and you have covered yourself in case of a dispute, by including how and where disputes will be resolved, if they occur. [Hint: this should be in YOUR county/state!]

Send the Agreement to your new client, and get the signed copy from her BEFORE you take payment from her, or at the same time. It is important she agree to your terms prior to the time she pays for the program or package, if possible, so you can be sure she read, understood, and signed the agreement before providing payment for your services.


After you’ve completed your program with her, if you would like to use her success story as a testimonial on your website, make sure to have her complete a Testimonial Release, like the one HERE, to make sure you have proper rights to use her words and photo on your website or sales page!

Getting your Client Agreement together BEFORE You take on your first client is SO important – it will save you a lot of time, effort, and possibly costly mistakes by having it all buttoned up and completed ahead of time, without worrying if you are leaving your business exposed by signing a client to an incomplete agreement, or one that is not meant for coaches! Need more info about what is needed to run an online business legally? Don’t forget my three-step legal overview HERE! xoxo

This is just legal information, not advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. xoxo



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