My WHY and WHY you need these legal docs in place ASAP!

As you all likely know by now, I am a former corporate attorney who leapt from the law firm lifestyle in search of a better, more fulfilling way to help people. I have developed such a passion for helping female online entrepreneurs set up the legal side of their business, and answer any questions I can about how all the legal mumbo jumbo works! I have recently been reading Carrie Greens’ “She Means Business” and love her description of her “knowing” or “nudge” into the mindset that something more is out there, and that we are meant to do something bigger. My “knowing” is definitely helping you all protect your business! It’s like the feeling you get when you see a girl walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of her shoe, or her skirt tucked into her underwear (which still baffles me…how do you not feel the extra breeze comin’ in!?)

Anyway, I’m sure it’s happened to all of us – you see her, and immediately feel a need to help her. Most likely, it’s a reaction to run up behind her and step on the failing TP strand to free it from her shoe, or to pull her aside and give her a heads up about the show she is about to give anyone walking behind her! THIS is how I feel about keeping you all and your websites protected! Many online entrepreneurs set up websites without the proper notices and policies in place, and open your website up to start collecting information and building your list! This, my wonderful friends, is like leaving your house without pants on!!! Please let me catch you and clothe your website before you get too far into the world!

If getting fully protected with my Beginners’ Bundle does not feel financially possible for you right now, I would encourage you to think about a few things: are you financially ready to deal with clients not paying you because you don’t have the proper provisions in place, or deal with compliance issues because you don’t have a privacy policy in place? I don’t say these things to scare you or get sassy at you (lol) but to stress the importance of getting your business protected ASAP!

I have recently gotten a few questions asking about the order of importance of the documents you need to legally protect your business. My opinion on that is:

  1. Privacy Policy – this is needed AS SOON as you publish your website and start taking email addresses/names to add to your newsletter.
  2. Disclaimer – this is important as soon as you start posting content, and have information or advice on your website for consumers to read
  3. Terms & Conditions – this is also important to add to your website as soon as you start posting original content and have traffic coming to your website
  4. Client Agreement – This is a need as soon as you take on your first client!! Too many women take on their first few clients without an agreement in place, and end up not being able to collect payment, or having some sort of misunderstanding with respect to the program because their client was not fully informed prior to starting the program.
  5. Testimonial – This is necessary as soon as you have current or former clients who are willing to offer you a testimonial that you plan to feature on your website! Many times new coaches will conduct mini sessions to others for free, in exchange for a testimonial – if this is you, you may need this document before you start taking on clients, so you can properly use testimony from these clients on your website!!

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