Which Bundle is Right for You?

Okay – so you’ve made the decision to invest in legally protect you and your business…congratulations! But now you’re not quite sure which bundle is right for you? Maybe you’re a health coach, but also a licensed therapist. Or, maybe you’re a coach and a virtual assistant. No worries!! This article should help. AND, as always – feel free to drop us a note anytime with questions! christy@christywesterfeld.com, or submit a question via the Contact Us page!

Beginners’ Bundle for Coaches & Entrepreneurs

This is the “standard” bundle, meant for business coaches, and most other entrepreneurs that don’t fall into the category of health & wellness, web designer or virtual assistant, or licensed therapist. The language in these documents is meant to cover those who provide coaching and consulting in a variety of fields, including business or mindset coaching, career coaching, and any other type of consulting business.

Beginners’ Bundle for Health and Wellness Professionals

This is the bundle meant for anyone in the health and wellness space. It includes all the language from the standard bundle, as well as additional medical disclaimers, and reminders to your prospective customers and clients to consult their doctor or other medical professional before beginning a program with you. It also reminds clients that your programs and services are not meant to be medical advice, and do not replace advice from a physician or other relevant professional. This is extremely important for you in the health and wellness space, as you need to make sure you are clear regarding disclaimers like this, and want to do everything possible to make sure you aren’t liable if someone in your program is injured or harmed medically. Even if you aren’t a health coach – if your program includes anything in the wellness space, this bundle could be the best choice for you.

Beginners’ Bundle for Technology and Web Designers

This bundle is for web designers, virtual assistants, and anyone whose business includes coming into contact with clients’ personal information or credentials. The most common example of this is a web designer, as you will be selling packages to clients, and will likely have access to numerous usernames and passwords while you’re building their site. Additionally, you want to make sure you are covered, should there be some kind of hacking, virus, or computer glitch while you’re working on a client’s website. This bundle includes all language from the standard bundle, plus these additional disclaimers regarding confidential information and limitations of liability for creating websites. There is also language here to help you out with scheduling, and to remind clients you aren’t responsible for maintenance of the site following the end of your relationship with the client.

Deluxe Bundle for Therapists Offering Coaching Services

Lastly, this bundle is for licensed therapists looking to offer coaching services either in addition to, or instead of, individual therapy services. This bundle is specialized, and includes numerous additional disclaimers designed to protect those looking to keep a license in good standing, including reminders to clients that any coaching provided is not a substitute for therapy, that those looking for therapy should look elsewhere, and that the coach has the right to end all work with a client should the coach believe he or she is in need of therapy, rather than coaching. There are some specific regulations and requirements for those offering coaching services while maintaining a therapy or counseling license, and it’s important to make sure your legal documents include this language!

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