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Hey I'm Christy

Attorney and legal resource for online entrepreneurs and coaches. I’ve been an attorney for 10 years, and have dedicated nearly 6 of those years to JUST working with online business owners, and developing educational resources for entrepreneurs. etc.

Our goal is to make business ownership EASIER on you, by making the legal piece understandable, affordable, and empowering!

Feel confident knowing...

As a business owner, it’s SO important to be protected. But it’s also so confusing! Enter Christy Westerfeld. I’m so grateful for Christy and her amazing templates, custom services, and all things legal! I would highly recommend Christy not just for the value (protecting your online business is worth it’s weight in gold) but also for who she is. Christy has helped me with all of my legal contracts and issues along the way — pouring through my custom contracts, helping me create and implement a solid legal strategy, and breaking down everything into easy-to-understand language along the way. Christy is my go-to attorney for all things legal and contract related and is the only attorney I recommend for your online business needs.

Rachel McMichael

Attorney Christy Westerfeld is a breath of fresh air for smart female entrepreneurs. Christy’s knowledgeable, friendly approach to protecting our business helped us properly protect our intellectual property on our website. We asked for her help in protecting us for an upcoming event as well, and Christy delivered an airtight legal agreement for our signature event, #MamaSpringBreak Business & Adventure Retreat. Investing in Christy’s legal services in absolutely worth every penny.

Crystalee Beck & Lynette Evans

Grateful beyond words for Christy!! She makes the legal side of biz fun, feminine, and far easier to understand!! Her ebook breaks everything down into simple, digestible bite-sized tips on what’s necessary now, what can wait, and how to prevent so many headaches and hassles down the road. This is a must read for any new or aspiring entrepreneur that desires to show the Universe she is taking her life and her dreams seriously!

Jennifer Jayde

I use Christy for ALL my legal forms, templates, legal updates, waivers and beyond. I love to refer my clients, friends, and fellow bosses to Christy knowing that they will be protected in every possible way. I also really love her bundles which make getting started painless and streamlined, while staying mindful of the budget. I am beyond confident that you’ll love everything that Christy has to offer with both her legal services and also being such an awesome mother and business leader.

Amie Pederson

Why Choose Us

I’ve been in the industry for over 5 years. I graduated in at the top of my class from law school, top associate at the firm I was with before leaving to go out on my own.

I truly care about my customers and fellow female entrepreneurs. If you’ve seen my trainings or lives, you know I can get FIRED UP about some of the most common legal myths, or INCORRECT legal advice non-lawyers (or lawyers who do not know this field) give others in this space.

With Coach Legally, you finally get your legal questions answered

Attorney-drafted, fill-in-the-blank style templates created for you to plug into your business in minutes.

TONS of free legal resources to educate yourself on all things legal for online business for $0!

The opportunity to join the ONLY legal membership community with weekly calls, monthly masterclasses and guest experts, to give you unlimited access to an online business attorney for the price of your daily coffee.

Of those we talk to and work with, the VAST majority of entrepreneurs and service providers are confused, bored, or afraid of tackling the legal side of their business. Some may have no idea what they do and don’t need. Others know they need some stuff in place, but feel overwhelmed and confused, and don’t know where to start.

Whether you have been blissfully unaware, or painfully aware of your legal lacking…it can end today!

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