Beginners’ Bundle for Hosting Events or Retreats

  • PRIVACY POLICY: The document that NEEDS to be on your website in order to maintain a legally compliant site.
  • DISCLAIMER: The document that will help relieve you of liability should someone misunderstand or misuse information they find on your site.
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Where the ground rules for your website are located, to protect your content, control disputes, and outline all rules for visiting your website
  • EVENT ATTENDEE RELEASE This document will be signed or agreed to by each event/retreat attendee, and will help cover you and your business, reduce liability, and ensure the attendee understands the details of the event. A MUST have for any business owner.
  • SPEAKER AGREEMENT: If your event or retreat includes speakers, this needs to be signed by all speakers. It confirms all details surrounding their agreement to speak at your event, as well as what they are/aren’t entitled to (hint: are you paying them? Are they traveling for the event? All things that need to be worked out in advance!)
  • VENDOR AGREEMENT: Are you allowing any vendors to be present at your event? This document will be signed by all vendors when they purchase a spot and will ensure all parties are on the same page.
  • Clear, easy to follow step by step instructions for each template that explain exactly how to complete each document for your business, as well as why each part of the document is there, so you will know how to fill it out AND can learn more about the importance of each one.
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