Deluxe Bundle for Therapists Offering Coaching Services

  • PRIVACY POLICY: The document that NEEDS to be on your website in order to maintain a legally compliant site.
  • DISCLAIMER: The document that will help relieve you of liability should someone misunderstand or misuse information they find on your site.
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Where the ground rules for your website are located, to protect your content, control disputes, and outline all rules for visiting your website
  • ONE TO ONE CLIENT AGREEMENT: Specific to online coaches, which will protect both you and your client!
    • BONUS: Program Outline Attachment to provide even MORE detail to your client, to avoid misunderstandings and help gain clarity and transparency in your programs and offerings
    • BONUS: PAYMENT PLAN Attachment – offering a payment plan? Use THIS document to clearly outline when, how much, and how your client will be paying according to your payment plan you have agreed upon.
  • TESTIMONIAL RELEASE: Once you’ve taken on a few clients and are ready to show your RAVE reviews on your website and sales pages, you’ll need THIS document to be sure you own the rights to use the words and photo your clients give you in their testimonial!
  • TERMS OF USE: When you’re selling an online course, group program, ebook, or any other digital products directly from your website, you’ll need a way to get your customers to agree to a contract, without the hassle of sending each of them a Client Agreement. Enter – your Terms of Use! This document will go on the checkout page for each of your programs, and your customers will agree to it by checking a box at checkout. This will allow you to have an agreement between you and each person who purchases your course or program, without having to email each person a document to sign.
  • Clear, Easy-to-follow STEP BY STEP guides for EACH template, to make sure you know how to fill it out, AND why each paragraph is important, to allow you feel empowered, knowing WHY you are including each bit of information into your contracts or terms.
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